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TEAM is the answer we found that works to help you solve your financial problems and to create a better financial future for you.

Educating you so that you understand the basics of financial planning and all the component parts like budgets, managing back bills, creating money for the future gives you power.

Coaching you through the process puts the pieces together so that you become a success at managing your finances.


This is not a substitute for a professional financial planner. This is giving you the basics of managing money, a subject we were never taught in school.

Let us help you so you can take control of your finances and win!

Effective Financial Solutions

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My name is Doug Stevens and for over 22 years, I've been helping people like you to not only get out of debt, but to gain control of their finances. 

I'm not an attorney, a certified public accountant nor am I a financial planner. 

I'm an educator.

Over 23 years ago, I had the awful divorce, a process that seemed to last forever. I was in business with my ex-spouse (she was the chiropractor, I was the adminstrator)  and that left me without a job and $35,000 of credit card debt. 


I was scared!

It was the arrival of my mentor and coach that helped me to get out of debt and plan for a better future. 

He helped me so much that 22 years ago, I began to help others, like you, to climb out of difficult financial situations. 

You and your problem are unique, but the answers, as I have seen over the years, are very similar. 

It is my goal to help you conquer the various financial situations you may have so that you can flourish!

I want you to be financially free and to have a very prosperous life!

Let's join forces and help you accomplish your dreams!

Doug Stevens

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